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August 2020 Inventory update, new retailers update and more.

Posted by Mike @ ChalkPro on Aug 11th 2020

Its been a while since I posted and update, and a lot has happened since then.  COVID has affected all of us in a number of ways, some good and some bad.  Let me first say that I hope everyo … read more
Yet another brush update :)

Yet another brush update :)

Posted by Mike @ ChalkPro on Nov 27th 2019

EDIT: The 1.5" and 2" EasyPaint and the Paint&Wax Medium brushes are back in stock as of today, 12/24/19.  Natural Ovals are also available effective immediately.After announcing the retireme … read more

Update on brush availability

Posted by Mike @ ChalkPro on Jun 18th 2019

Over the past six years we have seen a number of changes in the brush industry that have positively and negatively affected the way we do things in our little corner of the business. First of all, nat … read more

A quick summer update!

Posted by Mike @ ChalkPro on Jul 10th 2018

Hello everyone!  I hope you are all have a fun and profitable summer!  It has been oppressively hot down here in south Louisiana, but we are making the best of it and continuing to roll out … read more

Plush Oval Brushes available now!

Posted by Mike@ChalkPro on Jun 13th 2018

Our much anticipated synthetic oval brushes have finally made their debut!  Available in 2 sizes, the Plush Oval Brush is the best of both worlds: The painting power of an oval brush and the smoo … read more