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Our shipment finally arrived!

Oct 16th 2020

After being stuck in customs for 5 weeks our shipment is finally here.  We have spent the day organizing and counting and quality checking, and our inventory should be updated by noon Saturday 10/17/20 at the latest (I'm hoping to get it done tonight, Friday 10/16/20).

I will, again, be asking for your patience while we work through this shipment and get the brushes ready to ship.  In case you didn't know we do all labeling and packaging in house, so I expect it will take some time to work through the orders we will be receiving over the next several days, especially with my 50% functional left hand and limited help in the warehouse. 

We have plenty of stock, and out next order is already placed, so please don't feel the need to make an excessive order unless absolutely necessary.  We should have enough to get us through until at least January when our next shipment should arrive.  The current order quantity limits will be lifted, but orders for excessive quantities will be held until we can contact you for clarification.

Thanks again for your patience and we are looking forward to getting back to some version of normal!

Mike @ ChalkPro