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Yet another brush update :)

Yet another brush update :)

Posted by Mike @ ChalkPro on Nov 27th 2019

EDIT: The 1.5" and 2" EasyPaint and the Paint&Wax Medium brushes are back in stock as of today, 12/24/19.  Natural Ovals are also available effective immediately.

After announcing the retirement of our natural bristle brushes, I received a good amount of feedback regarding keeping at least some of the brush models available.  There were several reasons that I decided to retire this line, but most importantly due to the fluctuation of china bristle availability and increasing costs of the bristle to manufacturers here in the United States.  Because our natural bristle line is made in the USA, these brushes are impacted by these issues more so than brushes from our overseas manufacturer (which currently only makes our synthetic bristle Plush brushes.  Well, that is about to change, so read on!

Even though costs have increased significantly on the natural bristle brushes, as a result of customer demand I have decided to bring back our three best-selling items.  The 1.5" EasyPaint brush and the Paint&Wax Brush Medium will be returning in the very near future.  The 2" EasyPaint will be the next model to return in the coming months.  Prices will be significantly higher, and the future on these brushes will be dependent upon whether there is a place in the market for these brushes at their new pricing.

Also, in case you missed the new graphics on the front page, we will be introducing some new Natural Ovals in the beginning of December, and the new Round Blenders are available starting today.  The Natural Ovals are the exact same brush as our popular Plush Ovals, with the only difference being natural bristle instead of synthetic.  Because these are made overseas their pricing is stable, but because they are made by a factory that we are familiar with and their quality is excellent.  If you have ever bought our "Special Purchase 2 inch brushes" then you are familiar with the quality of that bristle and the brush itself.  We brought these in when the supply started to dry up on our Easy Paint Large 2" brush and they have been an excellent replacement.  We may even consider keeping them in the lineup.

That about wraps it up for this update!  As today is the day before Thanksgiving 2019, I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season.  We will have some more news to report just after the new year... something big that we have been working on for a while that we REGULARLY get requests for, but have been unable to do until now.  Check back soon!

Thank you again for supporting us through the last 6 years.

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!