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Our Story

"People love chopping wood. In this activity one immediately sees results."
Albert Einstein

In search of the perfect paintbrush...

We believe that Einstein also had painting in mind when he said this.  There is no better (or faster!) way to change a room, a piece of furniture, or a canvas than to put a coat of paint on it.  That's precisely why we do what we do.
We are painters.  We have been painting walls, cabinets, furniture, and the occasional canvas for more than a decade.  And we love paint brushes.  A brush is an extension of your hand, and your brain, and it should feel that way when you use it.
We spent months searching for the perfect brushes for painting and finishing furniture.  We found many, and we liked some of them, but we didn't love any of them.  Our exhaustive search led us to one conclusion... we had to design our own brushes.
We searched far and wide across the United States looking for someone to make the brush that WE wanted, and I have to say, we got lucky.  Not only did we get what we wanted, but our expectations were far exceeded.  We have been using these brushes since 2012 and when we decided to share them with you, the best furniture finishers in the world, the response was awesome!
2018 brings a new era to ChalkPro, the age of synthetics!  For years now we have been on a mission to bring the best synthetic brushes to the furniture painting world.  Not just any brush, but one that works equally as well with ALL types of paint... thick chalky paint, smooth acrylic-based paints, mineral paints, milk paints, and even finishes.  Our new line of PLUSH brushes is just that.  The poly-blend bristles are soft enough for the smoothest of paints, yet firm enough to handle the thickest chalk-based paints you can find.  Give them a try, we think you will be amazed.
The chalk-based paint craze may have originated across the pond, but we have perfected it here in the States!  We sincerely hope that you will LOVE our brushes as much as we do, and that they will make your life as a painter easier.
Paint proudly,
Mike & Kristen Luchsinger